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Thursday 7th May 2015 The Vamps By Jenny Potter Photography


Had a busy afternoon today visiting a bride to be 9 days before I photograph her wedding then also visiting the wedding venue St Pierre Chepstow. In the evening then I had 2 events to attend a Charity designer shoe sale organised by the amazing stylist Wenda James-Rowe and also photographing The Vamps at Motorpoint arena Cardiff.


Had a great time photographing The Vamps as official photographer at Motorpoint arena Cardiff. For the event I was in the VIP pit as they did not have a separate pit for photographers due to the shape of the stage.

Music photography is something I really love doing. You never quite know what will happen and you have to be prepared especially if like tonight you are shooting in the VIP area you have to make sure you do not get in the way of fans as they want to beable to see the gig and you also need to get the best photos you can in the first 3 songs as you normally only get 3 songs sometimes less to get all your shots.








Sunday, July 28, 2013
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Steelhouse Festival 2013 - Day 1 27th July 2013 by Jenny Potter


Arrived at the festival site around 2pm drove and parked my car and walked past Anvil's Sal Italiano and Lips (Steve Kudlow was crashed out in the tour lorry) Collected my pass and had a quick look around before photographing the bands which included Dead Shed Jokers, Hands of Dimes, Fighting Wolves, Temperance Movement, Anvil, FM and Saxon.



Today I was covering the Steelhouse festival I had a AAA photo pass so was able to photograph on stage with the bands, be back stage and in the VIP area. Mind you the portable toilets were just as bad in VIP as they were in the main festival bit. I think having the festival at a top of a mountain not far from Ebbw Vale is a bit of a disadvantage to any fan who can't drive as well no buses were put on for this festival so please make a note next year to advertise it a bit more and put buses on please.


Managed to be on stage for a few bands and Anvil, Sal Italiano and lips Steve Kudlow were very friendly and didn't mind me going on stage with them. Thanks guys.


Anyway a few photos from the day. The new band to look out for is a band called Temperance Movement who gave a very entertaining performance and have their debut album out in September.



Sunday, February 17, 2013
By Jenny Potter
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The sun still shines on our house and life even when type 1 diabetes is here. Written by Jenny Potter.

It is almost 2 years since my beautiful boy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The actual date is 3rd November the year he was diagnosed was 2010 he was just 2 years of age. Alot for anyone to deal with not alone a 2 year old. The last 2 years have been the most challenging, emotional, exhausting times of our lives however they have also been the most special, filled with lots of love and our boy, Harry his love for life and for us has kept us going. I can't lie it has been the worse time of our lives and I honestly truthfully never thought we would get through a day not alone be able to cope a year down the line. I have decided to do this blog looking at everything that has happened and to help any other mum or dad and child that is in the same situation as us so that they know they are not alone in this world even though you do feel very alone when you are around people who do not have the same things going on in their lives.


Photos above taken just 2 weeks after Harry was rushed to hospital with DKA and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged 2 years. Photos show Harry having his fingers tested which he has to have done before every meal so we know what his bloods are to work out his insulin dose. He also has to be tested at night, before and after activities like sport, play centres, parties as activities will lower his bloods, cold and hot weather will also make Harry's bloods unpredictable. The recent snow made his levels go very high. It is different with every child that is type 1.


Harry having his photo taken with a group of children with type 1 diabetes who we have met up with and stay in contact. Photo taken in aid of Juvenile diabetes research foundation.



Harry above photographed after he raised just over £302 for Juvenile diabetes research foundation in his sponsored walk. Midlands walk 30th September 2012. Well done Harry we are so proud. Harry was amazing. He had to have his injections during his walk and he was incredible throughout this day. We are so very very proud of you.





We have gained streghth from loved ones and also from other mum's who have children with type 1 diabetes. We also each day are very grateful for what we have that many people would take for granted that we can see, walk, eat, dance, sing, run around, talk.

We do our best each day to help others and raise money for Juvenile diabetes research foundation as well as we sponsor an amazing girl in India who cannot afford insulin we help with costs of the insulin and pay monthly towards this. We also a few times a year send letters, clothes and other things to her to help her out. The organisation we sponsor her is called you can get sponsor forms from (The insulin dependent diabetes trust) They are an amazing company who also send unused and unwanted in date insulin and other medical supplies to under developed countries.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
By by Jenny Potter
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Editorials and work Published as well as some of the clients I have done work for.


Here is a list of some of my work that has been published together with magazine articles written about my photography.


September 2008 photos of Zac Goldsmith published in Telegraph newspaper.

September 2008 photos of Charlotte Church published in Star Magazine.


November 2008 Charlotte Church photos published in Bella magazine.

January  2009 Charlotte Church photos published in Hello magazine.

Feb 2009 Leonard Cohen ANP holland published.

Feb2009 Charlotte Church photos published in Star Magazine.

March 2009 Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson photos published in profimed czech republic.

April 2009 Charlotte Church photos published in Sipa France.

3 Feb 2010 photos of Lily Allen published in More magazine.

Other photos published include

The Automatic music group photos published for BE and W in poland.

Sharlean Spiteri of Taxas photos published in UK Daily Record.

Roger Glover Deep Purple photos published in Belga Belgium.

Zoe Lucker photos published for TV update New Zealand.

The Scorpions photos published in TVA.

Zoe Lucker photos published in Pacific mag.

Gavin Henson photos published in Big Issue and sneak magazine.

Anthrax Alive 2 dvd 2005 I have 6 photos taken of the band that are published on the dvd cover.



Past Clients include


Waterstones work included press coverage of Jenson Button event.

Nintendo product launch event and photos.

Dean Markley Strings. Music photos of lamb of God commissioned for a advert. See photo below

BAE Systems various work for brochures, handbooks, commercial photography.

Absolute Canvas.

Book a cook

Shimlas - professional hair, make up and henna artist.







Current Clients include

Where I live I have a variety of regular clients from local commercial business, hotels as well as I cover many press photo shoots for a number of companies.


 Motorpoint Arena Cardiff.

 BAE Systems.


 Press on PR. 




Magazine Interviews given




Tuesday, December 01, 2015
By Jenny Potter Photographer
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Please help me in making have more sponsors, medical supplies and help in providing children in developing countries with support for their type 1 diabetes.

Dream Trust. Org



For the past 5 years we have sponsored a girl in Nagpur in India who has type 1 diabetes. We did this as soon as my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The children in India can't afford insulin and Dr Sharad Pendsey set up an organisation to help these  children. It has been the most rewarding thing I have done with updates on how everything is going and an opportunity to send letters and things over to help at any time.


What Dr Pensey does is remarkeable please go to the website for further details.


What I would like to do is to get more medical companies to donate and send things to Dr Pensey as well as more people sponsoring children with type 1 diabetes.


I want to also send over things for the children whether it be books etc for school or sweets to help with low blood sugar levels. I am getting a list from Dr Pensey and my aim over the next couple of weeks is to send enough over to the children to help. I can only do this if people either donate products, money to help with postage as before has cost me a few hundred pounds to send things over or people can send things direct over to Dr Pensey. As soon as I get the list I will update this blog so that you can do whatever you wish to help and support.


I will set up details on my website where you can donate and then I will show you what I have bought and used the money for. Will list items with photos of receipts and how much postage has cost so that you know everything that has been raised is spent on this. Really hoping I can help with raising some money for this. I will keep Dr Pensey updated on everything.


I have helped many charities with raising money by doing fundraising myself, auctions, sponsors, prize draws and donating music prints, metal prints and various other things to be auctioned to raise money for various organisations. I would like to really help this amazing organisation.



If anyone is interested in helping with this please contact me via my website


email please no spam email.


thank you so much for reading and hopefully helping with this.


x Jenny

This is what Dr Sharad Pensey did



Trust is headed by Dr.Sharad Pendsey, Consultant in diabetes who is the Managing trustee. The Trust was founded in 1995, by him and his wife, Swati, after the shocking incidents of deaths of 2 girls for want of insulin!


Here is the brief resume' of the managing Trustee, Dr. Sharad Pendsey.

Born in May 1954, married to Swati, blessed with a daughter and a son.

He is a Consultant in Diabetology and has several national and international publications and awards to his credit. He has been a regular faculty at national as well as international conferences. He has also authored a book on Practical Management of Diabetes Mellitus (1997 and 2nd edition in 2002) and a mono-gram – Diabetic Foot , A Clinical Atlas (2003)

Dr Pensey is aware of what I am doing and I will update him regularly on this.


Really hope you can help.



This is what you can do to help




The Trust has commitment towards offering total healthcare for under privileged Type-1 diabetics . Most naturally, the services of the staff in the endeavor of the Dream Trust, including our managing trustee, Dr. Sharad Pendsey's, services, are rendered free. Every contribution will go a long way in achieving the objectives. Of course, any such exercise, which is so awesome in magnitude, cannot remain a burden of just a few and still hope to reach anywhere. This is simply because, with more welcome contributions coming in, more numbers could be benefited.

By sending donations : The Trust can plan more educational activities, organize juvenile diabetics' camps, picnics, buy audio-visual aids, print educational material in the vernacular languages for distribution and carry out rehabilitation of these children. Every donation will go long way to help in fulfilling the dreams of a diabetic child.

By sending blood glucose meters with strips; which can be given to parents and children for home monitoring, so as to improve the overall control and prevent complications.

By sending insulin, insulin syringes, lancets and pricking devices, prefilled insulin syringes and insulin pens.

Visit us at DREAM Trust at Nagpur, see the work yourself , get involved and give your valuable suggestions.

By sponsoring a diabetic child : for more information see sponsorship page.

Shreeniwas, Opp.Dhantoli Park
Nagpur 440 012 (M.S.)
Email :





Wednesday, March 15, 2017
By Jenny Potter Photography
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Jenny Potter Photography my passion to help raise money for 3 amazing charities.

In my Career as a photographer I have been fortunate to have photographed The Red Hot Chili Peppers 4 times (Cardiff, Earls Court, LG Arena, Genting Arena).

The last time I photographed them Sunday December 11th 2016 was just so very special for me and for 3 charities that I am raising money for. Here is some background details as to why I want to help these charities before I tell you what Red Hot Chili Peppers did.

I have always done lots of charity fundraising from in my teenage years organising concerts, abseiling Millennium stadium, as well as Ziplining it a few times. Doing prize draws, running London half Marathon and then the past 6 years auctioning off lots of items via official charity auctions for a variety of charities. The 3 that are close to my heart are :-

I remember shortly after my son was diangosed with type 1 diabetes that I was awake as well anyone who has a child that has type 1 diabetes that has zero hypo awareness  (low blood sugar ) knows that you do not get much sleep. I never watch the news it is too negative and I want our lives to be full of happiness and postive vibes rather than worry. I remember this night when  I switched tv channels and there was American news and I saw this amazing lady Barbara who has set up this amazing charity called which made super hero capes for children who had illnesses from terminal illness to long term illness without any cure. I remember just knowing the moment I saw Barbara that I wanted to help. I have never met Barbara however I have this bond with her and know her heart is so pure and filled with so much kindness. I sponsored a number of children to receive super hero capes and each year from the year Harry was diagnosed I send over a number of music and fine art photos in different finishes from metal prints, canvas to mounted prints for Barbara to auction off at their annual fundraising event. This year they are having a year off so items will be sent over ready for June 2018 event. My amazing friend and artist Marvin Blaine who has a profile on here also last year donated some of his amazing art to this charity.


By helping these charities it gave us strength and a sense of purpose knowing we were helping others even if it was just in a small way.
From the year that my son was diaagnosed with type 1 diabetes we have sponsored an amazing girl in India who has type 1 diabetes and cannot afford her medical supplies (insulin, needles etc). We sponsor her as well as send over things that Massera needs from stuff for school, clothes, sweets for low blood sugar levels. Sponsoring Massera has been the best experience ever. Dr Pensey who set up this organisation is an amazing doctor. I wish there was more I could do for this amazing organisation. If anyone wants to help please let me know.

JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 2 in 2010 (insulin dependant and blood monitoring not type 2 diabetes as this is completely different). Each year we do a charity walk as well as I have done prize draws, donated prizes and photos for various people who are organsing fundraising events to raise money for JDRF. To donate go to

Teenage Cancer Trust. I met up with the Teenage Cancer Trust a few years ago before my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Expressing an interest to help the unit in Cardiff which is the only unit in Wales.
Here are details about the Cardiff unit from an email from the fundraising manager:-

Hi Jenny


It was lovely to speak to you. Thank you so much for your kind and generous offers of support.


As I mentioned during our chat our unit in Cardiff (the only one in the whole of Wales) actually supporter teenagers and young adults aged 13 – 24 during their cancer experience.


The unit in Cardiff consists of an inpatients and our patient’s area. (See above pictures) The unit in Cardiff was the first one to offer this. We have 8 beds in the unit which are full at the moment as well as this we see a great number of young people for their check-ups, treatments, therapies and transplants.


Every year in Wales 175 young people hear the devastating news that they have cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust is the only charity dedicated to improves the lives of these young people before, during and after their cancer experience.


We fund 2 specialist posts on each of our unit who work alongside a dedicated team of NHS staff to deliver our service here in Wales. Anna Davies, our Youth Support Coordinator works to support the emotional and well-being of the young people we support buy encouraging peer to peer support, 121 sessions, group activities, social tips and treats – even pizza nights (both on and off the unit).


Mary Harness is our Lead Nurse on the Cardiff Unit – Teenage Cancer Trust specialist nurses are there to make sure they receive the best care and support once they’ve been diagnosed with cancer. They’ve been specially trained to understand what it’s like to have cancer when you’re young, and will be there alongside them when they’re receiving your cancer treatment.


Ways that you can help could be to come and show some of your photos to the unit and tell them all about your experiences working with huge bands like the Chilli Peppers. If you are able to arrange tickets to gigs etc. they would love this as well.


Thanks again for your support.

Speak soon





End of Email

Back to how Red Hot Chili Peppers have helped me with my charity fundraising.

Anyway back to December 2016 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers gig. I had contacted their management before the gig and told them what I was doing. My vision was to get a few photos signed by various artists to auction off for these charities. I also would love for a top photo gallery to exhibit my music photography and sell it with a percentage going to these charities. This I have yet to achieve so if there are any galleries that want me to do this I would jump at the chance. I remember emailing Red Hot Chili Peppers management explaining that I wanted to if possible photograph the band again and if there were able to sign a photo to auction of for these charities great. I then got a lovely surprise saying that this was arranged. On the Saturday before the concert I had a number of my Red Hot Chili Pepper photos printed, I remember rushing with my son Harry, to Cardiff to collect them and also buying a portfolio to put them in. I was not sure what photo to have printed so had a few photos printed ( one was for me as I asked cheekily if Anthony could sign one which he did so thank you so much) and did some personal letters to the band giving my reasons why I was passionate about raising money for these charities which is personal so not going to mention to much here. The band's management met us gave us tickets to the gig, and we were  back stage. My portfolio was taken by their managment Jason and the band were amazing they signed every one of my photos and I am just so thankful and in awe of what Anthony, Chad and Flea did sorry did not have any photos of Josh but will see if he can sign some again.


The photos are in the process of some being mounted and some framed.

I have the first JDRF official auction in March in Cardiff where one of the photos is being auctioned.

Then there are 3 other JDRF official events that photos are being auctioned off at each event:0

16th May Pro Celebrity team Challenge JDRF London Golf Club
16th June Charityable shoot
5th July 2017 Annual Pro Tournament.

All money raised is going to JDRF

Teenage Cancer Trust Fundraising event where the Red Hot Chili Peppers Photos are being auctioned off is in October 2017 at a "Teen Spirit" Ball where all photos will be auctioned of with all money going to raise money for the Cardiff unit. fundraising event is June 2018 so photos will be sent to Barbara before this event and I will then pay for the photos to be mounted and a few framed locally to her and then all money raised will go to this chairty.

If there is anyone that is a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and wants to bid for any of these items please please contact me and let me know what you want to bid and if it is high enough as we want to raise lots of money I will pass details to the charity so that can arrange payment from you.

The photos are all taken by me and are various sizes from 18 by 12 inches to 12 by 8 before being mounted and framed. They really are a valuable piece for any Red Hot Chili Pepper fan.

I hope you can help me raise lots and lots of money.


Thanks XXX Jenny

A big thanks to Anthony, Flea, Chad, Josh, Jason and all the crew backstage. We had an amazing night and I will always be humbled by your kindness and understanding. xx Jenny for JDRF







Red Hot Chili Peppers Big thanks for helping me with my charity fundraising.

Red Hot Chili Peppers photos taken by Jenny Potter and signed by the band being auctioned off to raise money for 3 charities.