Client Galleries








All my clients get an individual gallery that is password protected so no other person can view photos * unless the organisation is happy that there is no password.  This gallery will have one photo on the log in page that you can see which is in the client viewing section of my website. so you know which gallery to log into to view your photo. No one can access your photo gallery so the photos are not on a public viewing gallery.


Model release forms are only completed if photos are being used by the client for their website, for a magazine etc so model release forms do not apply to portrait photo shoots unless I have asked to use the photos for anything specifically. For instance some of my portrait children photos were put in an editorial for a front cover of a magazine. For this I had full agreement from the parent of the child and also a model release form was completed. Model release forms are only used for this purpose.



 For the teenage Cancer trust Glitter ball event 14th October 2017 at the moment there is one gallery up with photos for social media that have my copyright. 


Next week I will put up a gallery that is for personal  use for printing.


I will also upload photos to a printing company should you want any printed there  will be lots of items available. The gallery will be password protected. 




For JDRF One Walk Cardiff 15th October 2017 there are two galleries click on the social media gallery to download photos for you to post on facebook, twitter etc.  Follow instructions.


For you to print photos for personal use only with no limitations to unlimited printing only for personal use please click on the other option photo printing one and follow instructions. Many thanks Jenny